Terms and Conditions for on-line sales of Airport Services

(Passenger Services)


1. Purpose

These terms and conditions of sale are related to the purchase on the website www.romeairports.com of airport services offered by Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A.

The sale of these services is performed by Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A., a company subject to management and coordination by Atlantia S.p.A., whose offices are at Via Pier Paolo Racchetti, 1 - 00054 Fiumicino (RM) and whose tax code and registration in the Rome Business Registy is 13032990155 - VAT ID 06572251004, with share capital of 62,224,743.00, fully paid up.

The Client must carefully read these terms and conditions regulating the purchase of services made on the www.adr.it website in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 (‘Consumer Code’) and by Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003 (hereafter ‘E-commerce Decree’).

Making a purchase according to the established procedures, the Client declares to have read all the instructions given during the purchasing procedure and to fully accept these terms and conditions.

Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A., hereafter also referred to as ADR, reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.


2. Rules for the purchase of Services

The purchase of ADR airport services is complete once a booking number is issued; this will be communicated to the customer via an email sent to the email address provided during the booking phase.

The sale will be considered complete when ADR sends the client an email confirming the order related to the required service, containing:

- name and surname of the client or corporate name of the legal entity

- identifying PIN for the transaction

- service(s) requested


The email will contain the procedure for receiving the requested services and any further information that will need to be provided.


For more information, consult the website www.adr.it or directly contact the service at the email address indicated for the individual service.


3. Services offered by ADR



Fast Track

1. The Fast Track service allows the passenger to gain faster access to the gates via a dedicated route.

2. These reserved passages are currently present in Fiumicino and in Ciampino.

3. Aeroporti di Roma will not be held responsible if you miss a flight due to a delay in reaching the departure gate and will not be held responsible if a passenger is denied access to the departure gate for failure to follow the airport security regulations regarding hand luggage.

4. Aeroporti di Roma will not be answerable for any possible inconvenience to passengers derived from a high number of Fast Track service users.

5. To request information regarding the Fast Track service, please email welcomevipservice@adr.it indicating the required service, the number of passengers, the contact details for a contact person, the date and the incoming and/or outgoing flight.


VIP Room (Not purchasable)

1. By purchasing the VIP Room service, you get conveniences and exclusive services in the two rooms managed by the Aviapartner Company: Passenger Lounge, non-Schengen gate E, and Passenger Lounge, Schengen gate D. Comfortable, air conditioned lounges, dedicated personnel, newspapers and magazines, and real-time flight information.

2. The two VIP rooms available for purchase through ADR’s e-commerce are located:

   a) Passenger Lounge Schengen gate D in boarding area D

   b) Passenger Lounge non-Schengen gate E

There are dedicated signs in the terminal that make it easy to find the rooms.

3. Access hours: the service can be used from Monday through Sunday: a) Passenger Lounge Schengen area gate D from 5:30 to 20:30; b) Passenger Lounge non-Schengen area from 6:45 to 23:45.

4. Please comply with the open hours for the VIP rooms. If there is a flight delay, the rooms will not be kept open beyond the above-mentioned times.

5. To use the service, you must present your boarding pass and the service reservation email message.

6. Access to the room allows you to enjoy the services that are available in it. The personnel in the room will collect your documents detailing the purchase and will check them.

7. Aeroporti di Roma will not be answerable for any discomfort that passengers might experience when using the services within the Vip Room.

8. To request information regarding the VIP room service, please email welcomevipservice@adr.it indicating the requested service, the number of passengers, the contact details for a contact person, the date and the incoming and/or outgoing flight.

9. The complete list of VIP ROOMS in the Fiumicino airport is available at www.adr.it/vip-lounge


Parking (Not purchasable)

1. The ADR Mobility company, under the management and coordination of Aeroporti di Roma, offers parking for purchase.

2. When customers enter the parking area, they must follow the instructions provided by email and indicate acceptance of the Regulations on ‘General conditions of use’ posted in the parking area and viewable online (www.adr.it/parcheggi-fiumicino and www.adr.it/parcheggi-ciampino

3. For additional information or to make a complaint, write to easyparking@adrmobility.it indicating the writer’s name, the date the service was purchased and a description of the complaint

4. Changes in entry/exit from the date and time of purchase are possible and do not change the purchase amount for the length of stay purchased if the following conditions are met: a) early entry: if entry is no more than 3 (three) hours early; b) late entry: can occur at any time provided it is before the expected exit time. For any changes in the length of stay indicated in the advance reservation email: • if the length of stay is less than the reserved period, there will not to be a refund of the amount paid at the time of reservation; • if the length of stay is more than 3 (three) hours greater than the reserved period, the stay beyond the third hour will now be calculated with the following daily fees: P-Terminal ABCD: 9.50 euros per day, or P-Long stay uncovered parking: 5.00 euros per day, or P-Long stay covered parking: 6.00 euros per day, or P-Moto: 8.00 euros per day, or P-Executive T1-T3: 3.50 euros per day to be paid before exiting the parking area.


4. General rules for airport services

1. Should there be a temporary lack of services for unanticipated reasons, ADR will endeavour to reinstate the regular functioning of services and to minimise any discomfort to customers;

2. When services are purchased, ADR obtains personal data from its customers and any other service users; these will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/03 and GDPR 676/2016 (read the statement below);

3. For any complaints, suggestions or requests for information, write to the email address of the individual services, indicating the requestor’s name, the date the service was purchased and description of the complaint.


5. Payment options

Customer payments can only be made using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Maestro credit cards.

Some data related to the order number, the amount to be paid and successful payment, which are necessary in order to purchase the service requested, will be exchanged between ADR and the bank on dedicated protected lines and with all the assurance provided by the use of the security protocols implemented by the payment systems.

ADR does not store personal data or the credit card number used in the purchase, as this information is managed exclusively by the bank.


6. Price

The price of services must be considered to include VAT, except for the cases detailed below.

When services are provided to customers who are not residents of Italy (whether they live in the EU or outside the EU), VAT is not charged because of the absence of the territorial requirement (under article 7-ter of Presidential Decree no. 633/72): nevertheless, the price does not change (which in this case will be net of the VAT not due).

There are no further surcharges beyond those highlighted at the moment of purchase, except for any banking or postal fees.


7. Invoicing

The sums related to the services provided will always be invoiced by ADR.

To this end, during the on-line purchase, customers will need to complete the sections providing their personal and tax details.

When the payment transaction is complete, ADR will send the invoice related to the purchased service via email, to the email account provided.


8. Cancellation

If the service is not used by the client, the payment can be reimbursed by making a cancellation.

The cancellation must be done by registered mail addressed to Aeroporti di Roma - Via Pier Paolo Racchetti 1, 00054 Rome, to the attention of the service to be cancelled, at least 10 work days before the conclusion of the contract (article 64 and 65, Consumer Code). The reimbursement of the payment will be made by ADR within thirty days from the date the cancellation request is received.

It is not possible to request cancellation of VIP Room or parking services, as the company offering the services is committed to providing those services during an established period (article 55, subsection 1, Consumer Code).

Cancellation of the Fast Track service can be requested.


9. Change of name or modification of reservation

Vouchers and purchase receipts are issued to the bearer; the person holding these vouchers has the right to use the purchased service regardless of the person who purchased the service or who is indicated as the user of the service.

Modifications to a reservation is allowed for Fast Track. For the VIP Room, you must contact the email addresses for the individual services listed.


10. False statements

By filling in the request form for airport services, the purchaser is aware of the penal sanctions applicable in case of false statements or the creation or use of false documents, as referred to in art. 76 of Presidential Decree 446 dated 28 December 2000.


11. Privacy policy

The following advisory is provided in accordance with the prevailing privacy regulation (European Regulation 2016/679 ‘GDPR’ and Legislative Decree no. 196/03 as amended and updated).

a) Data Processing Controller: Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A. with registered office at Via Pier Paolo Racchetti, 1 - 00054 Fiumicino (Rome).

b) Data Protection Officer: ADR has appointed a Data Protection Officer ("DPO" or "Data Protection Officer") who can be contacted at the following email address: dpo@adr.it.

c) Types of data processed: The data processed by ADR S.p.A. includes personal information such as first and last name and email address.

d) Purpose and legal basis for the data processing: ADR S.p.A. will process your personal data upon your request, only for the purpose of purchasing airport e-commerce services for passengers. Providing your data is necessary for this purpose, and if you do not consent to your data being processed it will not be possible to provide the services you requested online.


Those who enter data on behalf of third parties (family members, friends, colleagues, etc.), state: (i) that they obtained the consent of the interested party for the entry of their data and the related request for service; (ii) that they informed that party about this page.

Also, your specific and separate consent may be requested for the use of your data for direct marketing purposes, specifically to send you newsletters related to airport services and air transport, commercial promotions and institutional publicity. The provision of your data is voluntary and, if you should not consent to your data being processed, the newsletter service will not be provided, without prejudice to your possibility of using the other services related to using the e-commerce service.

e) Processing methods: Your data is processed in observance of the prevailing rules using digital and telematic instruments with logic strictly connected to the above-indicated purposes in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the same.

f) Data storage times: Your personal data will be stored only for the time necessary for the purpose for which it is collected in observance of the principle of minimisation as per article 5.1.c) of the GDPR. As for the sending of commercial and promotional communications, personal data will be processed as long as the user uses the services, except in the event of withdrawal of consent and / or opposition to processing (opt-out) in the manner indicated below. paragraph h.

g) Recipients of your data: Within ADR S.p.A., only the subjects appointed to process the data by the Controller and authorised to perform the processing operations for the aforementioned activities can become aware of the personal data provided. Your data may also be processed by only those third-party companies to which ADR may assign activities and services related to the management of the service offered (e.g., ADR Security, and its website). The data will also be used by individuals who operate payment services (bank, post, etc.). Your data will be also processed by ENAC in its role as the entity that issues permits for the airport's premises. Furthermore, such data may also be communicated to the relevant Public Authorities as required by law. Such data will not be shared. Personal data will not be disclosed and/or communicated to third parties located outside the European Economic Area.

h) Rights of the parties involved: Finally, this is to inform you that articles 15-22 of the GDPR allow you to exercise specific rights; you can request from the Data Processing Controller: access, correction, deletion, limitation of processing, revocation of consent and the transferability of your data. The party involved also has the right to refuse processing. If the right to refuse processing is exercised, the Data Processing Controller reserves the option of not observing the request, and thus of continuing with the processing, if there are legitimate, cogent reasons to proceed with the processing that override the interests, rights and freedom of the party involved. The rights referred to above can be exercised either by accessing your reservation (email link received at the time of purchase), or by request made of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at this address: dpo@adr.it. The contact information for the Data Protection Officer is available on www.adr.it


The right to lodge a complaint directly with the Supervisory Authority as provided for in Article 77 GDPR remains unaffected.

The Data Controller reserves the right to amend/update this information.